21st Century Teaching

We are teacher leaders and curriculum coordinators in Los Angeles, CA. We spend most of our time collaborating, programming, teaching, and thinking about what our students of the future will need. We’re also big tech geeks who love thinking about new ways to incorporate technology into our teaching. Our pieces have appeared at Scientific American, Education Week Teacher, and MiddleWeb on “Future of History.” Follow us on Twitter @21centuryteachrScreen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.00.02 PM


One thought on “21st Century Teaching”

  1. Jodi Passanisi and Shara Peters,
    I just found your writings to ScientificAmerica. You are right on with the students’ online researching problems. I teach fifth grade. I am doing my Master’s curriculum development with these problems in mind. I would like to read more of your research in this area. Thank you.

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